I am happy to welcome you on my website. Here you can learn about my offers concerning genealogical research in Germany. If you have ancestors in Germany, I am the right person to ask. Together we can find out more about your ancestry and your origin.

Start now, to find out more about the origins of your family.

A great experience for the whole family.

Where do I come from?

Who are my ancestors?

Where did they live?

What was their profession?

Too many questions.


Too little time?

Missing know how?

Old handwriting unreadable?

No contact to the archives?

No idea how to start research?


The easiest way for you.

Leave the research to me and appreciate the outcome.

Genealogical research delivers a fascinating insight into the lives of your forefathers.


You surely will be astonished, in which villages your ancestors lived and to which families you are related.

Is there a connection to noble families. This is the case in many families. 





Genealogical Research

Dr. Thomas Friedrich Heldt

Historian and genealogist 
Schückingstr. 7
35037 Marburg



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